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Control Access

Many people move into gated communities looking for the safety and security of their homes and of  their families. Gated communities are designed to protect you from unwanted visitors and none resident from lurking around. When it comes to security, choosing the best company that you can trust, is very difficult. Many security companies play the money game or the "get this free" game. Safety is not a game and you get what you pay for if looking for cheap security protection. When placing your trust on a security company, they have to hire well-trained men and women who can do the job right. With that said, that also cost money.  Many communities cut cost, which results in inadequate security. Ask yourself this question: "Would you cut cost if your family depended on protection?" Criminal Justice Protection provides security officers that are trained and committed to protecting you. Don't settle for less,  get the  best  security protection for your community.  

Proactive Patrol

When potential criminals see a patrol vehicle, they get discouraged and look for a much easier target to explore. In 2014, a burglary occurred every 4 minutes. Protecting your home is our first priority. We customize our security patrol to fit your needs. House checks and alarm response must be conducted continuously in order to protect against burglaries, home invasion, and many other violent crimes. We can no longer rely on law enforcement to respond on time. Having proactive security patrol will reduce and even eliminate crimes from occurring in your community.  Our patrol division is equipped with patrol vehicles, golf carts, ATV's and site-specific quite mobile units. Patrol is one of the most important aspects of security protection. High visibility and continuous presence are a deterrent for potential criminals from carrying out their crimes.  Don't be a victim, let our team at Criminal Justice Protections, protect you. We get the job done.

Construction Security

Construction sites are the number one location for criminals to feast on anything they can get their hands on. This cost developers and construction companies thousands of dollars. It delays meeting deadlines, increase in insurance and the headache of having to replace stolen items off your site. Our team of security professionals are equipped with mobile data software that is accessible on the go. The mobile data system is used to identify, report and document criminal activities that are shared by our company-wide security staff. It allows us to flag and search our database, by name, vehicle tag, and location of drifters who target construction sites to commit crimes. All of our security officers are monitored with GPS tracking and QR code scanning, to ensure that they are performing the required patrol duties our clients expect without any questions. Access Control, Mobile Patrol, Time Stamp, Worker's Compensation Fraud and OSHA Required Safety Enforcement. 

Corporate Security

 Corporations thought-out the country have been targeted and have become victims of workplace violent shootings. Protecting your employees and your business should be your first priority. Our corporate team is trained to understand the sensitive nature of control access when dealing with employees. We can design a custom security protection plan with or without the high visibility depending on your corporation. Our team can be discreet in plain clothes, in full uniform for deterrent and armed or unarmed. We can design a control access system that will give you and your employees the peace of mind that they are protected in the workplace. Workplace violence has increased and too many corporations, schools, movie theaters, and many others have been victims from active shooters. When you have a business and your employees are the core backbone of your success, you owe it to them to protect them. Our team are trained to expect the unknown, to detect problems before they become catastrophic and we are ready to protect your assets. It's a new world out there and it's just a matter of time before you are a victim of today's level of violence.    

Special Events

Special events are exciting to put together and bring many families out to these events to have fun and enjoy a day out on the town. However, lately, special events are becoming dangerous and unpredictable. Television and video production events are also very costly. At any point during production, a hater or an obsessed fan of your talent may disrupt your production. The cost of wrapping up a production because of a tragic incident can be in the hundreds or thousands. In many cases surrounding talent or crowd control, it takes a special team of operatives to know and understand threats before they become headlines in the media. Our team of special operatives conduct escorts for your talent. From air to ground transportation our team has you covered. Current events in this country have forced many successful celebrities to seek protection just to be able to function. Don't let your guard down or try to cut corners because your budget is running out. Pre-planning and making sure that your security coverage for all of your special events is vital and should be your first priority. We can help you in the planning stages so that you can focus on your special event. 

Event Planning

When events are in the pre-planning stages, security is often forgotten. Promoter and organizers cut corners and are always looking to save a buck. Why? Because money is a motivator. If they can save money, security is the first place they reduce or cut altogether. Our company has been protecting many concerts and special events for over 15 years.  We know how costly events can be. We have also seen the tragedy that a lack of security has created. What do you tell the family member of those who are victims of event related violence? Please understand that we as a company want the best for your event. The problem is many event planners or promoters are looking out for their best interest. We look out for everyone's best interest. Let us plan and layout the security protection plan for your events. We know how security works. That's what we do. At the end of the day, when an event finishes without incident, no-one remembers security. However, who do you think they remember when an event go's bad? YOU! Don't let your event become headlines because you wanted to save money.

Excecutive Protection

Our executive protection division has current and former Law Enforcement Officers who are extremely trained. From Special Weapons and Tactics to Military Operations. Our team is equipped with the intelligence background and conduct pre-site evaluation before our principal arrives. Strategic travel planning for air and ground transportation is vital for the security of our executive. Our undercover operatives conduct home and business protection for the high-profile principal. We also offer a family escort to special events in a discreet and low profile operation. We are dedicated to protecting all of our partners in whatever situation is required. Let our Special Operations Team give you peace of mind when you need to focus on your  business or travels. With today's level of threat and all of the homeland security issues surrounding this county, corporate executive, and high-profile board member are vulnerable to retaliation. Protect yourself and your family, because you don't know when you're in their scope. Harsh, Yes! However, think about it, when will you know. Criminal Justice Protections is here to provide you with the best security team, who really knows how to protect you and your family.