Firearms Training







get trained the right way

Carrying a concealed weapon requires a concealed weapons license as required by F.S.S Chapter 790. The most important part of this process is the training required to apply for the license. Many people get their license at a one of those 1 or 2-hour quick fix show. Now ask yourself this question: "Did I learn anything from this?" The issue here is, are you really trained and prepared to use your firearm the right way?

iStock_000011992169Medium When making the decision to carry a firearm, you have to understand that one day you may have to use it. Having a firearm is a great decision and it can save your life. Many have firearms to protect their families or oneself. In many cities across this country, home invasions, burglaries, robberies and lately "ACTIVE SHOOTERS" are  without WARNING and you can be caught up in the middle of a violent crime and be the victim of some mad man's crazy rampage to kill innocent people. We see that way too often in this country. Protecting yourself is vital for survival. Being prepared for that day is never enough, especially if you don't get trained on how to properly use a firearm. Our training instructors  have over 25 years of Firearm Tactical Law Enforcement Training, Military and SWAT Training and are certified instructors. Our training program is designed to teach you the basic required by state law, however, we can't just send you out to the wolves. We designed our training program to teach you where and how to properly use and understand the mechanics of firearms.  We structured  our training around real life situations.